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Xantrex Inverters

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"Xantrex products provide you with high quality, reliable, "green" electricity as an alternate to centralized power generation or combustion generators. Your choices include grid-tie systems for use in conjunction with utility power, or off-grid systems for complete freedom from the utility grid."

Xantrex GT series intertie inverters:

GT 2.8kW inverterxantrex gt series

2800 watt, 208/240Vac

Sale Price $1,766.00*

Spec Sheet

GT 4.0kW inverter

4000 watt, 208/240Vac

Sale Price $2328.00*

Spec Sheet

GT 5.0kW inverter

5000 watt, 208/240Vac

Sale Price $2,940.00*

Spec Sheet

"The Xantrex XW System is a fully integrated, battery-based system, designed for residential and commercial solar and backup power applications. Engineered using a complete systems approach, the XW System stands out from its competition, with a reliable, clean, compact design and integrated balance-of-systems components."

Xantrex XW Inverter / Chargers:


4000 watt, 24Vdc, 120/240Vac

Sale Price $2,617.00*


4500 watt, 48Vdc, 120/240Vac

Sale Price $2,899.00*


6000 watt, 48Vdc, 120/240Vac 

Sale Price $3,624.00*

XW series information:

XW System brochure

PDP (power distribution panel) spec sheet

SCC (solar charge controller) spec sheet

Hybrid inverter/charger spec sheet

*prices subject to change without notice, taxes, S/H not included